Paradise - 250 ml

Price: Rs. 100.00
Ingredients: Coconut, Pineapple

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The pineapple and coconut water create an explosion of flavor along with being a good source of manganese and natural anti-oxidants. Coconut water has a healthy balance of electrolytes to help cardiovascular, immune, and nervous and muscle systems. It also helps in proper digestion while lowering the blood sugar levels.

Ingredients: Coconut water, Pineapple

  • High sources of Vitamins
  • Good source of magnesium
  • A healthy balance of electrolytes

Very High in Antioxidants
  • Energy(g/250ml) 89.7
  • Natural Sugar(g/250ml) 1.3
  • Added Sugar(g/250ml) 0
  • Fat(kcal/250ml) 0
  • Carbohydrate(g/250ml) 21.6
  • Protien(mg/250ml) .8
  • Calcium(mg/250ml) 18.5
  • Sodium C(mg/250ml) 1.5
  • Potassium (mg/250ml) 180.7

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