Juicy and healthy blog: A blog on what makes juice cleansing so good?

We know. It is not easy being on a diet. Especially while living in a world that seems to be coming up with new and tastier dishes every single day and cooking channels making a home chef out of almost every one of us.

But then again, we cannot ignore the benefits of following a diet either. One of the recent dietary plans that seem to be catching the public’s imagination without causing bodily harm is the juice cleansing diet.

It is a type of diet that involves consuming only juices and vegetables in an attempt to lose weight and start the whole process of detoxification for the body. Some people have gone a step ahead and claimed juice fasting or cleansing as an organic way of losing weight. This is because juice fasting involves squeezing out the fruits and vegetables and separating them from the pulp.

Juice fasting typically lasts for 3-10 days and contains the following benefits which makes it recommendable for all those who are trying to lose weight, detoxify and gain a healthy skin inside and out Being high in vitamins and minerals, juices from the fruits and vegetables introduces much needed extra nutrients to the body.

The anti-inflammatory components in juices boost immunity and make one feel more energetic It improves metabolism and fastens the calorie-burning process Juice fasting increases the amount of health-promoting bacteria

To survive only on juices during the juice cleanse period is not an easy task. Nor does the whole infiltration of the market with adulterated fruits and vegetables makes the whole process easier as consuming a pesticide-laden juice will do more harm to one’s health.

That is why it is extremely necessary to consume only organic juices to gain the benefits out of juice fasting. Cranberry juice, Carrot, Orange, Organic Aloe Vera juice are some of the recommended juices during the fasting process. The organic juices from Rus Organic made fresh and raw pressed is one the best companions for your juice cleanse diet. Check out the products here.