About Us

Rüs Organic takes the best that nature has to offer and blends it into the tastiest version possible. It is made from fresh, organic fruits and vegetables and cold-pressed into every Rüs bottle. Feel delicious health flow through you with every sip.

Ujvala Vemparala

My very own organic journey

So it all started just like that.

One day, I realized that I needed to commit to lifestyle changes to live a good, healthy life. It seems like a personal story but the shift to organic food, with quite a handful of guidance and help from my foodie brother, has now put me on a collaborative journey that takes a detour from the US to Bahrain to finally reach to a place where my cultural roots belong – My home country, India.

And whenever I think of home, I always think smiling faces, comfort and affordable life. I want everyone to think of organic food and organic juices as that friendly and family-centered. And that is exactly what I planned to offer.

Living life with full flavor

While studying in the US, I fell in love with juices and smoothies. Hundreds of juices and smoothies from shops all around the New York City, I was simply in awe with those natural, delicious concoctions and sipping all the good stuff without a care in the world.

That gave me the courage to start my little juicing project when I moved to Qatar to live with my father.

Everyone loved it. Especially people who were always on the run or people who lived alone and on Juice fasting or the ones who chose a simple lifestyle or the ones who were fashion and fitness conscious or the ones who loved playing sports or playing with their pets; did I miss anyone? You get the drift. I wanted to make healthy available to everyone.

Inspired by my roots

With so much inspiration around me, it was time to put my thoughts into action. And that is what led me to my next destination, my home country- India!

India has defined my personality through her cultural heritage and daily customs. And that’s why I always wanted to build a brand that is humble yet looks outwards, remains inspired by nature and culture, enhances lives by staying unmistakably Indian. In short, a brand that is me, the global Indian Citizen.

Creating a story of health with Rüs Juices.

And thus, Rüs Organic was born. With all the care and support from Indian farmers, I could get access to good organic produce to create fruitier options, right from juices to smoothies, for India and the rest of the world. Be it exporting fruits to US or local supermarkets, be it creating delicious, all-natural healthy concoctions; I could rely on the quality of the produce to create products that are thoughtful and committed to value.

That’s why; the real deal for me is to give back from where you take. Since my childhood, I have learnt to contribute to society in every way possible. Make incremental, sustainable alterations in this journey of holistic wellness.

And Rüs Organic was the way to steer forward towards it.