Fitness tips for every season and finding the right balance with juice

The year is almost about to end. And most of us have suddenly woken up to the fact that we
did not really achieve or rather really try to fulfil our fitness goals. But for ones who like to
believe that that glass is always half full, two months are still left till the year-end and another
new one is about to begin.

This means you still have the time to start your fitness journey and continue doing the same while welcoming the next year. So, here are a few fitness tips to make the path to your weight loss easier, come rain or shine.

For the ones whom winters do not start until the first snowflake graces the ground or
the need comes to whip out a sweater to beat the chill, it is still spiced pumpkin latte
season, aka fall. And most fitness experts would agree, it is never too late to fall in a
fitness routine. And the first and the most important of all fitness tips is the motivation
to be fit. This is where it all begins

  • One major fitness tip to follow during the fall season is to exercise outside. This is the season which is neither too hot neither too cold, so best to take advantage of the comfortable weather and try a change of scenery
  •  With Christmas holidays and New Year around the corner, binge eating is not exactly far away. But before we indulge ourselves gluttonously, it is best recommended to go on a juice cleanse. This juice cleansing, aided by organic fruits and vegetables makes up for a lot of nutrition in the body along with being a major fitness tip.
  •  Whatever be the season, it is important to exercise daily. Moderate physical activity can go a long way in making your fitness journey more meaningful
  • Once the cold weather sets in, it becomes difficult for fitness to win over a comfortable bed. But it is actually the season to burn the most fat as the body tries to keep up with the changing weather by burning more fats and thereby aiding your fitness

It is true that exercise is the best way to lose weight. But we cannot expect it to work its magic unless we keep an eye on what we eat. If we want to have healthy skin inside and out, then one fitness tip that needs to be followed is juice cleansing, a diet based on 100% organic fruits and vegetables. To begin your fitness experiment with a juice cleansing, check out the cold-pressed products from Rus Organic.

Should we count calories or just eat right?

In a world that has fast and tasty food, it becomes difficult to keep our fitness vow intact. We all
want to count our calories and have a fit physique.

Put simply, calorie counting is calculating how much calorie is consumed while eating a
particular type of food and burned while doing energizing activities.

It is true that as far as weight gain is concerned, a calorie is a calorie. But research throughout the years has proved that calorie counting is not exactly is the most viable way for weight loss. At its worst, it makes people feeling guilty and shameful of not doing their best to lose weight and thereby depriving themselves of the nutrition that the body needs.

The essential nutrients in the food provide our body with the energy it needs to stay alive. It is
this energy that keeps our heart pumping, maintains the respiratory system and body warmth.
If the calorie/ nutrition is drastically reduced, then our body will actually go berserk.

Calorie counting does work for weight loss. But it is the right diet plan that ensures we don’t
have to be constantly on our toes to maintain it. A balanced diet is all you need to count your
calories in a healthy way and in a manner that provides your body with the necessary nutrition.
This includes a diet composed of vegetables, fruits, moderate amount of grains, lentils, beans
and some amount of meat. With the right food choice, control over the portion, and moderate
physical activity is enough to keep yourself healthy and full of nutrition without resorting to
calorie counting.

One important way to ensure that you are getting proper nutrition while being fit is to consume
juices made of organic fruits and vegetables. Indulging in juice cleansing in intervals is also an
important way of maintaining a healthy weight and getting the body rid of all toxins.
The juices from Rus Organic are made with 100% organic produce and cold-pressed, meaning it
retains all the necessary nutrition and you do not have to worry about counting calories.

Eat. Sleep. Lose weight. Repeat.

The weight of not being able to lose weight is enough to keep a lot of people awake. In our busy
schedules and lazy weekends, we always plan about doing something about our weight. But
then, we end up thinking there’s always tomorrow.

So, what can we do to lose weight and not lose sleep over it? Following simple life hacks can set you forth on your weight loss journey. And believe it or not, it actually starts with getting more sleep. Take note of the life hacks and be surprised by the results you will achieve.

  • Sleep well. Because not getting proper hours of sleep can increase our stress level and
    decrease the chances of losing weight. So make sure you get at least 8 hours of shut-eye
    as it helps your body to burn fat more efficiently
  • Eat as many fruits as possible. It contains the correct amount of fiber that will help you
    keep your weight in check and satisfy your sweet tooth cravings as well. If you don’t
    want to carry fruits around, then juices will also do the trick
  • Skip fast food as much as possible. In this fast-paced lifestyle, that certainly seems
    difficult. But fast foods are one of the main culprits of extreme weight gain as it contains
    too much calorie without next to nothing level of nutrition
  • The next time you feel extremely hungry drink water. Sometimes hunger pangs are our
    body’s way of telling us that we are dehydrated. Drink up and you might be surprised to
    find out that you are no longer hungry
  • Start eating half of what you were previously eating. Eat slowly and savor what you are
    eating. You think you need to eat more but when you take longer time to eat, your body
    will get used to eating lesser quantities and ensure that you maintain your path to
    weight loss

Aiding your determination to reduce your weight in a healthy way is Rus Organic. Our
collection of juices, made from 100% organic fruits and vegetables means that you are not
putting any harmful element in your body while gaining the perfect amount of nutrition.
This is also helped by the fact that our juices are all cold-pressed, so you get the best of
health and taste.
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Detox – For the glow inside and out

All of us feel that something is not really right with us when it comes to our physical health. Just
something that makes us feel like we are missing out in life. No matter how much we try to get
rid of the constant headache, the aching back muscles or acne, nothing seems to work out.

Unless you hit the sudden realization that our bodies are riddled with toxins, yes it is. Unhealthy
sleeping and waking hours, instant gratification through junk food or drinking alcohol to numb
certain stuff out of our memories we are all guilty of not treating our body as the temple it is.
But worry not, this is not a guilt trip. Rather, it is more of a wake-up call, to start a process of
DETOXIFICATION. Now, you might instantly have a negative connect with that word, something
like drinking a weird concoction or ritual might come to your mind.

But detox here means, in as simple words as possible, to give a rest to your body. By rest, we do not mean calling in sick. Rather it is about keeping a check on what all we are consuming and how adversely it affects our body.

An intelligent detoxification process is more than about losing weight; it is also about healing
our body on a more holistic level.

  • Detoxification helps us feel better, it makes us feel vibrant, joyful and more energetic.
  • Detoxification helps get rid of the excess sugar plaguing our body and thereby enhances
  • the whole weight loss process
  • Detoxification is kind of a reboot or restart for our bodies. Detoxification means simple delicious, healthy food, more sleep, a bit of exercise and a lot of self-love. Trust us it will rejuvenate all your senses and make you feel like a whole new version of yourself
A new method of detoxification is through organic, cold-pressed juices. This detoxification
includes consuming juices from fruits and vegetables which are made without any sort of
adulteration. This means apple, watermelon, carrot juice that are made from 100% certified
organic products and thereby making the whole detox process a whole lot healthier.
You can consume such cold-pressed organic juices from Rus Organic during and even after your
whole detoxification process.
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Cold press juices: healthy myth or health hype?

The next time you go for your regular grocery shopping, pay a bit more attention. Chances are
that a new shelf has cropped up containing an array of colorful liquids. And these liquids are
nothing other than organic, cold-pressed juices.
What exactly is this cold-pressed juice you may ask? It is the latest contribution of the organic
brand towards promoting a healthier lifestyle. Such organic juices have become a part of a
regular diet of the fitness conscious along with being a major help to those who are trying to rid
their body of toxins with a juice cleanse.

Cold-pressed juice is a refreshing, nutrition-packed punch that ensures that our bodies gain the right amount of fruits and vegetables. At the first instance, cold pressed juice might seem similar to freshly squeezed juice. But that difference could not be starker in reality.

Cold-pressed juice is made with a special juicer that uses a hydraulic press and slow pulverizer
to juice the fruits and vegetables. Since the cold press literally presses the product to squeeze
out the juice no nutrition is lost. You get 100% of the vitamins, minerals and enzymes when you
drink a cold-pressed juice. Also to ensure that microbes do not harm the whole organic process
and that the juices bottles have a longer shelf life, the cold pressed juices have undergone the
process of High Pressure Processing (HPP) that helps kill the pathogens and increases market

The best way to get the most benefit out of the cold-pressed juices is to choose the perfect
blend of it. Preferably the ones that are a combination of green leafy vegetables or fruits like
java plum, Indian gooseberry, lemon, watermelon, carrots, orange, aloe vera etc.

Packing a punch with all of these are the cold-pressed juices from Rus Organic. Made from
100% certified organic fruits and vegetables, thoroughly washed to pass the quality check, our
juices are all about assuring you with holistic health and complete wellness. A juicy start to your
day is all you need to continue your health journey.

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Organic vs. Natural: A little makes a big difference

For the unsuspecting folks, the words ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ are just synonyms of each other. And they
are not to be blamed as well. Anything that is so-called fresh in the market is presumed to be organic or
natural or both.
However, for the ones with a keen eye for detail, the difference between being natural or being organic
becomes vastly clear. Natural does not inherently mean organic and neither does it contain all the
qualities that an organic product does.​

To be more scientifically precise, natural products are those which are minimally processed and do not contain any hormones, antibiotics or artificial flavors. Natural can mean a multitude of things and since it is not extremely clearly defined, a lot of products in the market are passed off as natural even if it contains traces of processed chemicals. Compared to this, organic product is one which was made using a set of predefined farming practices which are regulated in great detail by the USDA. It is only organic produce which comes with a guarantee of no toxic synthetic pesticide, herbicides or chemical NPK fertilizers used in the whole farming process.

The marketing hype around going natural does further addition to the confusion and makes the whole
shopping experience a tad bit frustrating, especially when we are all trying to steer towards making
better and healthier choices for our bodies. Often what is promised on the label is reflected neither in
the ingredients used or the result on our bodies.

This sort of organic vs natural fiasco is not limited only to organic fruits and vegetables. It transcends to
the market of organic juices as well. Catering to a population that keeps on increasingly being more
health-conscious, organic juices are considered one of the best options for maintaining a healthy
lifestyle. Organic juices and smoothies, health drinks etc. helps regulate the whole weight loss process
and also ensure that our body is better equipped to get rid of the toxins.
The organic juices from Rus Organic, raw pressed and full of nutrients without the use of any artificial
ingredient or process is one of the organic juice brand geared towards making a healthy and fit in India.
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