Organic vs. Natural: A little makes a big difference

For the unsuspecting folks, the words ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ are just synonyms of each other. And they
are not to be blamed as well. Anything that is so-called fresh in the market is presumed to be organic or
natural or both.
However, for the ones with a keen eye for detail, the difference between being natural or being organic
becomes vastly clear. Natural does not inherently mean organic and neither does it contain all the
qualities that an organic product does.​

To be more scientifically precise, natural products are those which are minimally processed and do not contain any hormones, antibiotics or artificial flavors. Natural can mean a multitude of things and since it is not extremely clearly defined, a lot of products in the market are passed off as natural even if it contains traces of processed chemicals. Compared to this, organic product is one which was made using a set of predefined farming practices which are regulated in great detail by the USDA. It is only organic produce which comes with a guarantee of no toxic synthetic pesticide, herbicides or chemical NPK fertilizers used in the whole farming process.

The marketing hype around going natural does further addition to the confusion and makes the whole
shopping experience a tad bit frustrating, especially when we are all trying to steer towards making
better and healthier choices for our bodies. Often what is promised on the label is reflected neither in
the ingredients used or the result on our bodies.

This sort of organic vs natural fiasco is not limited only to organic fruits and vegetables. It transcends to
the market of organic juices as well. Catering to a population that keeps on increasingly being more
health-conscious, organic juices are considered one of the best options for maintaining a healthy
lifestyle. Organic juices and smoothies, health drinks etc. helps regulate the whole weight loss process
and also ensure that our body is better equipped to get rid of the toxins.
The organic juices from Rus Organic, raw pressed and full of nutrients without the use of any artificial
ingredient or process is one of the organic juice brand geared towards making a healthy and fit in India.
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