Detox – For the glow inside and out

All of us feel that something is not really right with us when it comes to our physical health. Just
something that makes us feel like we are missing out in life. No matter how much we try to get
rid of the constant headache, the aching back muscles or acne, nothing seems to work out.

Unless you hit the sudden realization that our bodies are riddled with toxins, yes it is. Unhealthy
sleeping and waking hours, instant gratification through junk food or drinking alcohol to numb
certain stuff out of our memories we are all guilty of not treating our body as the temple it is.
But worry not, this is not a guilt trip. Rather, it is more of a wake-up call, to start a process of
DETOXIFICATION. Now, you might instantly have a negative connect with that word, something
like drinking a weird concoction or ritual might come to your mind.

But detox here means, in as simple words as possible, to give a rest to your body. By rest, we do not mean calling in sick. Rather it is about keeping a check on what all we are consuming and how adversely it affects our body.

An intelligent detoxification process is more than about losing weight; it is also about healing
our body on a more holistic level.

  • Detoxification helps us feel better, it makes us feel vibrant, joyful and more energetic.
  • Detoxification helps get rid of the excess sugar plaguing our body and thereby enhances
  • the whole weight loss process
  • Detoxification is kind of a reboot or restart for our bodies. Detoxification means simple delicious, healthy food, more sleep, a bit of exercise and a lot of self-love. Trust us it will rejuvenate all your senses and make you feel like a whole new version of yourself
A new method of detoxification is through organic, cold-pressed juices. This detoxification
includes consuming juices from fruits and vegetables which are made without any sort of
adulteration. This means apple, watermelon, carrot juice that are made from 100% certified
organic products and thereby making the whole detox process a whole lot healthier.
You can consume such cold-pressed organic juices from Rus Organic during and even after your
whole detoxification process.
You can check out the products here.

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