Cold press juices: healthy myth or health hype?

The next time you go for your regular grocery shopping, pay a bit more attention. Chances are
that a new shelf has cropped up containing an array of colorful liquids. And these liquids are
nothing other than organic, cold-pressed juices.
What exactly is this cold-pressed juice you may ask? It is the latest contribution of the organic
brand towards promoting a healthier lifestyle. Such organic juices have become a part of a
regular diet of the fitness conscious along with being a major help to those who are trying to rid
their body of toxins with a juice cleanse.

Cold-pressed juice is a refreshing, nutrition-packed punch that ensures that our bodies gain the right amount of fruits and vegetables. At the first instance, cold pressed juice might seem similar to freshly squeezed juice. But that difference could not be starker in reality.

Cold-pressed juice is made with a special juicer that uses a hydraulic press and slow pulverizer
to juice the fruits and vegetables. Since the cold press literally presses the product to squeeze
out the juice no nutrition is lost. You get 100% of the vitamins, minerals and enzymes when you
drink a cold-pressed juice. Also to ensure that microbes do not harm the whole organic process
and that the juices bottles have a longer shelf life, the cold pressed juices have undergone the
process of High Pressure Processing (HPP) that helps kill the pathogens and increases market

The best way to get the most benefit out of the cold-pressed juices is to choose the perfect
blend of it. Preferably the ones that are a combination of green leafy vegetables or fruits like
java plum, Indian gooseberry, lemon, watermelon, carrots, orange, aloe vera etc.

Packing a punch with all of these are the cold-pressed juices from Rus Organic. Made from
100% certified organic fruits and vegetables, thoroughly washed to pass the quality check, our
juices are all about assuring you with holistic health and complete wellness. A juicy start to your
day is all you need to continue your health journey.

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